Monday, January 31, 2011

Truth Card Day 2


So I completed my Truth Card for Day 2!

I decided to do this one based on the Truth. As I say in the video sometimes I decide to do the Truth Cards based on a picture I see sometimes I do it on the Truth I find that perhaps JUMPS out at me. so this one was for the Truth. I have been wanting to do a card for that Truth for some time but I couldn't find my little hands and a I couldn't find the right image to go with it.

This Truth says "A Thousand unseen helping hands are there to assist you at all times, but you must first know what you want..and then you must ask for it."

Then the other little saying near it that I got from the old Mary Englebreit Calendar I used says "It is not so much our friends help that helps us as teh confident knowledge that they will help us."

I used an old Me Calendar page for the image, Mickey Mouse sticker hands for hands and some embellishments around for added flair. Then of course my Butterfly Totem up top.

I found it all toady and so TADA, Truth Card for Day 2!


I kept trying to load the video but it won't load.I will try and load an audio or load the video later.Sorry :(


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Truth Card a Day

So I have decided to take on a a challenge to do a Truth Card a day starting Today and for the rest of the course for the next three weeks.

J always says a little bit of Art a Day is good and helps keep you fresh, so a little bit of Truth Art is even better right?

Look back here for more Truth Cards a day. then maybe when it is done, I will transition it into sketch cards or something else to do a little bit of Art a Day! I AM an Artist after all :) (among the many things I do and am, I will claim that one!)

~Trisha Trixie over and out!