Sunday, October 30, 2011

CED-Autumn-Ocotber-My FIRST Halloween Drawing

I have friends and those close to me who draw Halloween Drawings EVERY YEAR! One person imparticular drew mostly for the Des Moines Jaycees for their Haunted House and now they have disbanded and one would think he wouldn't draw then. But I guess once you get into the swing of things it is hard to get out of them, right?

If you want to see his Haunted Drawings click here Justin's Halloween Art

For me, this is a laborious process. I want to draw and I think it's kewl, but I have Premature Arthritis in my hand and it hurts to draw after awhile. I don't draw all the time, so it takes me a long time to draw something that takes others less time. ( I know no Comparing)

But, I am starting to feel a sense of gratification the more and more this little piece of mine is coming along.

My goals for Trees and Owls didn't quite add up but it helped me to get to know each of the little pieces I wanted to put in my BIG drawing here. Not to matte it, frame it and post it!

Well, here you go... Here are the pics from my FIRST ever Halloween Drawing...Enjoy. Thoughts, comments welcomed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Create Every Day-Final Days

In this challenge to Create Every Day that I did for the month of October I started realizing exactly WHAT creativity can mean to each person.

Creativity doesn't mean just drawing, or coloring, or collaging or something obviously artistic. Creativity is about recognizing all areas in where you can be creative.

For this final week I am still working on my final Halloween Drawing which I am in the process of inking right now.

Pencils of Trisha's 1st Halloween Drawing

I finally bought the distressing ink I needed to finish my little "Live for the Moment" book I did earlier this month. I messed up the first time because my brain didn't think to do a test page first, because I thought I already knew what to do even though no one ever taught me how to distress a page, and because I just think I can do things sometimes, don't you? Well, I do anyway.

The "Distressed" look on all the pages front and back
I did a fun new project I saw in a book for creating a To Do list to make your To Do's  a little more fun. I already do because of Fly Lady and instead of To Do's I have a Parade of Daily Adventures or PODA's, but having a nice book to make things more fun is well...more fun.

But then as I said there are other ways of being creative we often don't think about.

I took the time this month to see Autumn in a new way as well as see Creativity in a new way.

I took pictures with my phone and camera, I doodled when in boring meetings (which we all now happens), and I even colored my hair Red to be Daphne from Scooby Doo for a Halloween Party.

This week I baked Animal Themed cupcakes for a friends birthday...

and later this week I am making Mock CheesCake and Halloween Cookies for work....all of which are very creative.

I still plan to post CED about my Halloween drawing and cookies etc... and I have one other project I am not done with yet, but for now...I wanted to say...

Don't let the word "Creativity" or "Creative" stifle you. 
Allow yourself to explore it. 
It's amazing what we can be creative about!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Create Every Day- More Autumness-Shawls

I was down with a Migraine this week so not a lot of drawing but I did make a few Fall Shawls I am going to be giving away as Christmas gifts. Also, the pink plaid one is a new one for me to start wearing for fall.

Maybe if I feel better tonight I will do some drawings.

Froggy Blankie

Neck Scarf

all the shawls in a  row

Gift for someone older
(can say yet. Don't want to give it away)

Mini gift for mini someone

New shawl for myself

Not as long as the one my mommie made me

This feels very Autumn and Fall-ey to me

Sunday, October 9, 2011

CED-Autumn Quote Book

I have been working on this Autumn quote book from a book about how to do Projects. This was a kewl project that you were supposed to do by making an accordion book and using envelopes and homemade tags.

I used Wheat paper and with help made some tags.

I used cardboard from a leftover notepad for my front and back cover.

I used folded over bags, with polka dotted Smash Tape to hold the sides in.

I used a handheld hole punch to punch the cardboard to put some jump rings into

I added Ribbons to the jump rings to give it some character.

I went to Archivers to find some Quote stickers and used some for the inside and some for the cover. I think I might get some more to add to it. Then I thought I might use some Brave Girl quotes for the inside of the book as well.

I had help punching holes in the tags. I added ribbons and some key embellishemnts I got at Archivers for the end of the tags.

All in all I think the book is coming along quite nicely. :) What do you think?