Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CED Challenge-Mixed Media

One of the groups I am a part of Create Every Day has challenged us this week to use Mixed I decided to go all out on Collaging on Tuesday. Here are Collages

Bad Ass Broad Collage from Blissbombed
After misted

used Glimmer Mist on Canvas baords

a few different colors

with a stencil

Thoughts from Carolyn Rubenstein

The Dance of Change-15 Quotes of uncertainty
21 Quotes for Motivation

Manifesto of Encouragement by Danielle La Porte
MY Self Love Board from Andrea Owen (Kick Ass Life)  and Stephanie St. Clair (Blissbombed)
I did a few

The other view
MY Bad Ass Broad Wall with Collage on the bottom

My other collages on the walls
I tend to do Mixed Media on Collages but I also do them in my SOAR Art Journaling and I am starting to learn Mixed Media as far as Drawing, then Inking then coloring Digitally is ALSO considered Mixed Media.  Find your niche in Mixed Media and I promise you that you will fall in love with it fast!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sketch of the Day-Penciled Faces

Penciled Faces by trishatrixie
Penciled Faces, a photo by trishatrixie on Flickr.
Penciled Faces

I am working on my faces more and more to eventually be able to paint them or do other things. I realized I need to be able to have a base for drawing faces first and then I can do the rest.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stipple...or not to Stipple?

Do you Stipple...?

Please check out this link on Stippling. I love stippling and most people think I am a whackadoodle for liking it. It was so comforting to see another female stippler.

Stippled Hulk Inking
 This is a Hulk Inking I did. It took me FOREVER! But I really enjoyed it.

If you haven't tried it...try it. I think you either like it, or you don't. Black or white.  Yes or no.

So to Stipple or not to Stipple?



Friday, February 24, 2012

Seeds between the rocks

Sometimes we need to break up the rocks and find a place where seeds can grow. Jeremiah 4:3
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cute Monster Might Bite-DeviantArt

In an effort to get my art more noticed this year I have been doing Challenges and Contests. I saw this contest for a Cute Monster in Deviant Art. I penciled it and inked it. Then I had Cindy scan it in and then I went into Photoshop and worked on coloring it. I forgot nearly everything J taught me, which is like mondo super frustrating, by the way. Normally I would just send it to him, ask him to help and he makes it perfect for me with all the right lines and strokes and then helps me color things in Photoshop. Though I always said "Thank you", it makes me feel like maybe I took his assistance for granted.

So now...I'm on my own...I had an idea of what I needed to do, but so wish he had a tutorial of how to convert a pencil/ink into a Photoshop File ready for coloring. Or I so wish I had wrote it

Having to do this on my own in essence will help me and has helped me grow and learn more about Digital Art and Digital Coloring. I went searching for the knowledge I needed and found a few links to help me out.

Luckily I found this link and followed it the best I could
How to Trace/Prepare a Penciling or Inking for Photoshop

I have been working on some free classes from Shwe Khit Art and following her Free Tutorials so I am learning and getting a but better on my own...but it is still frustrating to now have to do this all on my own since we are no longer together. I know he said I could talk to him about art, but right now we are giving each other space and I am being boundary thick about that.

I don't think I did as well as I could have with my Artist Assistance from J, but thinking to the fact that I DIDN'T have his help, I think I did pretty good! :)

Here is my Contest Submission...The shirt says on the front

"If you don't hug me..." and the back says "I might bite you"

Would you be willing to click on the link and vote "Id' Wear This" on my Cute Monster T-Shirt to help me make it to the Semi Finals?

The page where my Entries are at CLICK HERE FOR PAGE

This is where MY Artwork actually is CLICK HERE FOR ART

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Latest Artistic Endeavors Feb 18-Feb 22

The sketches I have been doing lately

These are ideas for the Cute Monster Contest with Deviant Art

This one seems too "Grimacey" for me

I think I settled on this one but I need to ink then color it
 These are all a part of my Sketch of the Day series...

One of Feb 18th Sketch of the Day Cards (I did this for Cindy)

Feb 19th Sketch of the Day

Feb 22 Sketch of the Day

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anchors of Your Past

Anchors of Your Past by trishatrixie
Anchors of Your Past, a photo by trishatrixie on Flickr.

Don't bring the Anchors of your past, Into the lights of your future.~Glee Quote

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long Shot of Hope for Love

Valentines 2012...I have no one has me...I need someone...he doesn't need me...His heart has moved on...mine lingers still..with the Long shot of Hope for Love...that most likely never will

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sketch of the Day-Broken Arrows, Hearts & Tears

Broken Arrows, Hearts & Tears

Cupid's arrow broke before on my heart, my heart is broken on the mend, my tears are broken, weeping in blackness and sorrow and despair

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sketch of the Day "Jet Black Heart"

Was listening to Britt Black and Jet Black Heart came on and I thought That's what I want to sketch AND ink today!! Song is below if you want to hear it and Lyrics are beneath that.

Seems like ever ytime you try to walk into my life I feel the same
You're so cold and now you say you can't explain
But you're the one I want and now you say it's my fault anyway
As if you didn't know you break my heart each day.

And every time you leave me here,

Apart of me goes too, and now I know.

You took my love and tore it apart

It was over before it could even start
I love everything about you
From the tip of your tongue
To the bottom of your jet black heart

I need you baby more than anything I've ever felt before

And when I tell you this feel like I hit the floor
I sit up all night thinking of a way to make you feel this way
There's nothing I can do, I see you walk away

And everytime you leave me here,

Apart of me goes too, I hope you know

You took my love and tore it apart

It was over before it could even start
I love everything about you
From the tip of your tongue
To the bottom of your...

Jet black heart- you don't know that you are everything to me

That's something you can't see
Jet black heart- you're the only one that's killing me inside
I need you to stay alive

And everytime you leave me here,

Apart of me goes too, and now you know.

And of your jet black heart

And of your jet black heart
And of your britt black heart

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sketch of the Day "Drowning Deeper"

Sketch of the Day "Drowning Deeper"

I am drowning deep
into the blue
thoughts of me
thoughts of you
I am drowning deeper
into my sorrow
into my anguish
of no more tomorrows

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sketch of the Day "Walking Through Fire"

Sketch of the Day "Walking Through Fire"
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I am trying things out like J would do. He used to try out different methods of artist things and see which worked best. I saw he is doing a sketch a day and I thought that might be a nice way for me to keep up on my sketches so I don't have to do a huge blog for Sketchy Thoughts. Plus it keeps me being artistic daily. Now how to share that daily is the thought challenging me lately and right now.

One thing I have been doing it just Pencils. But I notice when I send the image no matter if I use my phone or camera they are not easy to see. So today I did something different. I used an ink pen today on top of my pencils. I think it helps so you can see it better now.

Then I have been playing around with Photobucket and posting straight to Twitter or messaging the picture from my phone. So far I think I like this method. I take the pic with my phone, then send it to a special email. In the message I put the info that is under the picture. 

If I want I can do as I am now and Edit the post once on the site. But it is nice to know that if I am not able to, that I can just send the pic and it will post from there. I can post straight to Twitter but this way I get to say a bit about the sketch.

So here is to new artistic endeavors and new ways of sharing. (clink)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sketchy Thoughts 2 (Too)

I have been hauling around a sketchbook everywhere I go again. Wow, I never realized how much I missed those days. When I was in Graphic Design school in 1997, I sketched on napkins, I sketched on toilet paper, I sketched on my name it. But sadly my ex, my friends, my family kept telling me how bad I was and even through the years. People tell you how bad you are eventually you don't want to do art or be an artist anymore. It wasn't until J who is an amazing artist telling me, constructively, where I was good, bad, how to fix it and what to work on if I wanted to improve. I DID want to improve so I listened eagerly with full attention on him. I mean part of it was his charm and handsome looks, come on, but the other part was I really did want to be a better artist. Then I learned about Inking and Digital Art and it was like a new world opened up for me. I am really thankful for him in my life in many ways, that being on of them-Great Encourager of Art! :)

So, now I am back to sketching and drawing and challenging myself again through pencils and inks and back to sketching. My little book is almost full and I soon will need more Moleskins to fill. I carry one in my purse and one sits at home by my bed or computer depending on what I am doing. To me these are not really "sketches" yet though they are. They are artistic representations of my thoughts. Ok, did that sound profound to anyone else but me? LOL. I made a funny. I didn't mean to sound so "deep", but it is true. That is how I feel about them.

So, here is round TWO (not to be confused with TOO) of my sketchy thoughts. Enjoy!

These first two are random sketches as a reminder for me to Fight the URGE to call, text, email or write love letters to J. FIGHT THE URGE! He doesn't want to hear from me, so I am trying to respect that.

This is my first sketch to Fight the Urge to call him
 Then I thought of the urge like a big monstery blob coming to get me and I have to fight it off. so I re drew it!

Fight the Urge
I don't know, maybe I should start a whole cartoon series called The Urge and it is for women with broken hearts and fighting off The Urge?!?! :)

(Btw, most of these are as a result of me reading The Courage to Be Yourself. I sketch a lot when I am reading self help books.)
Stop wearing negative name tags sunless we want negative company
 Then it shows a name tag that says "I am fearful. I am unemployable. I am not good enough."

Flower Seed Petals
 I am worthwhile. I am loveable. I am strong.I am good enough. I am a likeable girl. I deserve to be loved. I am a good person.

What weeds did I swallow whole? (These are things our parents, mothers, boyfriends, others told us that we devoured that were no good for us but we swallowed them whole anyway)

  •  I am not pretty
  • I am not good enough
  • I am insecure
  • I am an emotional roller coaster
  • I am weak
  • I need to be taken care of
  • Life is too hard
  • Women over 40 are not attractive
  • Women over 40 should settle
  • Women over 40 are lucky to have anyone
Replace Weeds
 We need to replace the Weeds with Flowers
  • I care for me
  • I am pretty
  • I am strong
  • I am a damn hot attractive 42 year old and proud of it!!
  • I have emotional strength
  • Life is what you make it
Remind myself that "I am NOT the Target"
Cleaning out Debris
 As you clean out the Debris from your carpet, you will feel and increase of self worth

(lft) holding carpet with junk underneath: debris, emotional dependance, pain (rt) holding carpet with nothing under it but goodness

Pressure Cooker of Emotions
 We need to remember to release steam or we become a pressure cooker of emotions and are likely to blow or explode (I really don't want to combust...I think it might be just a tad bit messy don't you?)

Don't allow Emotional Debris to collect in our minds, souls and hearts
 Sorrow, dust, depression, grief,  anger written inside the heart

Unravel the grief
 A ball of yarn like unraveling...with the ominous GRIEF words...

Realize you have been hit by an Emotional Truck. I could take 5 minutes, 5 weeks or ever 5 years to heal.
(I started balling when I read this. Not for me but because of J. He was still healing after his ex and I truly feel it took him 4 years to heal. Now he is ready. Sadly, not with me. But if I love him(and I do), I need to be happy for this gain and progress in his life and allow him the chance at happiness)

Emotional Truck running over a person
Growth requires courting the Unexpected
 "Excuse me, but I would like to court you." Person knocking on door. Door sounds say "Knock knock" The Unexpected Blob says "Come in!"

Go ahead and gamble of being our "Authentic Selves" The risk is Worth the Reward.
Gamble being Authentic
Person leaning over Craps table (I like Craps) gambling...

Live life with enthusiasm
 (I think my life image looks like a hot dog) so does that mean my enthusiasm is Ketchup??? :)

No spewing raw emotions or verbal vomiting on others (person spewing)

Negativity is contagious
 (lft) Person with mouth open-Cough cough, negativity, cough. (rt) Person running away saying "Run, flee the negativity! AUUGH!"


Then these sketches are random that came from conversations, etc, misc.

I told J I felt like I was waiting for the Bomb to Drop...sadly, then it did. But I am glad it did (no I am NOT crazy) because now I have all the facts.Maybe, just maybe this is the process of the step of on my to healing I needed. I still hurt even more so now that the bomb has dropped. But I can't explain it. I feel "different"

I heard this amazing song today called "Steady Your Heart" and played it over and over like 20 times I think. I cried and cried. I called my therapist.  She called me back. I was in "panic mode" I hurt and hurt. Today I thought I was having a pretty good day "despite the bomb" but then I got home and went to do my SOAR homework and someone posted this and I lost it. IT is PMDD week so I am trying to take that into account, but wow...I really need to work on this...Steadying my Heart.

this is a Rock with two persons one on each side holding up the heart. Underneath on the rock it says "The Lord is my Rock & my Salvation"
Steady My Heart
I am working on it. These little sketches sure are helping. It gets those pesky, nasty thoughts out of my head that are roaming and swimming around in there playing racquetball underwater with my thoughts. I hope you sketch or draw or doodle or find a quick release like I have.