Where am I-Offline?

Sorry to announce that I have closed two of my tabs.

I wasn't getting anywhere on Etsy and decided to close down my shop part

I still have a profile andmaybe sometime later in teh future I will reopen it, but for now, it is an expense I don't need.

I also closed down my Artists Wanted Tab.
I paid a premium to be listed on AW and was informed that I would be shown in New York. Supposedly there were a lot of people (including me) who feel cheated by this Organization. They have done nothing to help me retrieve an image of my art that "supposedly" was shown.

I am in plenty other places though like Deviant Art, my Art of Trisha Trixie Facebook account and on Tiwtter under Trishatrixie.

Please come find me online there and many other placesI will showcasing my art!

Trisha Trixie

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