Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Manifesto 2012

One of the  blogs I follow gave this idea from Ali Edwards for a Summer Maniefsto and I did something similar to this from Green Mama and Papa last year so I thought I would do something of the like again. I wrote down on a separate sheet of paper what I would want as my Summer Manifesto and then tried to do this as a Wordle. But  as a wordle it was too jumbled so I though ok I will collage it. Then as I was standing there thinking about how to do it, I thought to my self

"Trisha, you are over thinking this. IT is mean to be light, airy and simple."

So I went back upstairs and just laid all of my thoughts into Microsoft Word and added some kewl colors and fonts and tada here it is. I also included a picture of what my Manifesto was from last year.

Last year's Manifesto

Friday, May 25, 2012

Artist Comparisions

As artist whether meaning to or not art influences us.

I think there are times the world around us might spark a thought in mind and we capture that in our minds.

Then I think we may develop a style that we didn't even know we were developing like another artist and out style might be compared to them. To some this is an honor. To some this is an insult. To some this scares the dickens out of them.

To me...all three.

(You can stop laughing now)

My Latin art piece has been compared to Frida Khalo


While I was the SpringCon Comic Book Convention I had a number of artist tell me to look up Frank Stack as they felt my art had a style like his

Today I was told my poses and they way my figures and faces were drawn resembled a likeness to Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

The point of this is this...

Why do I feel all three?

Well, you see I have drawn  for awhile but I have gone through variations of styles and tried different things. I have copied to try and get used to the way things felt. I have done the tedious hours of drawing only to throw the paper away. I have penciled and inked and colored with Copics. I have had people not support and others support with vast endeavors. I have taken steps back to lets other artist have their chance to take steps forward.

  • It is an honor that anyone would think my work resembles anything of anyone else when I have no clue who the people they are even talking about are much less the fact they think it looks like someone famous.
  • It is an insult because I don't want anyone thinking I copied them or copied their work or did anything of the sort. Yet I am afraid they think that.
  • IT scares me because I think, WOW, they think I have enough talent to be like someone else and I didn't know who that person is they are talking about and that person is famous that means maybe one day I could be a great artist like them... HOLY SHIT!...then my knees start
 In the movie Pretty Woman at the beginning there is a man hollering out

"What's you dream? Hey you What's your dream"

and I keep thinking about that and thinking

well up until five months and hell maybe five minutes ago...I am not sure I knew...

this "ART THING" as I call it so new, so fresh, so NOT TRISHA....but IS's so UNFATHOMABLE!!

It's as I call it SURREAL!!

I spent so much time in the last four years allowing someone else to be the artist and all I wanted was to help him reach this artist dream I didn't even THINK about THINKING about IT!!

It isn't really about who I am being compared to or who I will be compared to. It is about comparing myself to myself. It is about honing in on MY art and challenging myself and being ok with MY art and doing it for myself and no one else.

MY 50-50 goal isn't about an achievement or an accomplishment to get to the top of something. It is for me so make my craft better.

That is my food for thought for today.

So the REAL moral of this story is NOT to compare yourself to anyone else but you. If you are right with, then who cares about the rest.

I am the best Artist I know. You are the best Artist you know too. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Block Party Prints

These are some prints i had made for an upcoming Block Party at a friends church

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Monday, May 21, 2012

SpringCon and Minn Trip

185183182181Global MarketMidtown Market Towers, Global Market

SpringCon and Minn Trip, a set on Flickr.

Recently went to SpringCon to meet up with my Comic Book Artists pals and others of talent! Had a blast a rama! Come check out my pics from there and rest of my trip!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Femme Figure 50/50 Goal

Femme Figure

I still have to do some shading on this doll but at least it is a start on another of my figures. I realized my count for figures is quite low if I am going to hit my 50/50 goal. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Pic for my Boss

Since my boss man gave me the scanner, instead of paying him he asked for a special piece for his wife for Mother's Day so last night I put this together for him.

Here are the Pencils and inks with my Brand New Copics.

He said she liked birds and so I thought drawing one of my whimsical trees with birds above it holding a love sign might be a cute idea. Hope he likes it. Hope she likes it even more!

I still have to add another layer of black with the Copics and color the flowers which I added to the inks but not the pencils. I will do that at lunch. Then I need to take it to Kinko's and get it scanned in. I will show it to him today and then he can have it tomorrow and go to hobby lobby and get it matted and framed for Mother's Day.


Trisha Trixie

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sketch a Day: 4 am Femme Face-JB

This is a horrible attempt to draw Jessica Biel...

I was up because of new meds and I took a crack at it. IT looks good. It is a start. It does NOT however look like her.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Art Shopping

One thing I am learning as an Artist more and more is the HIGH cost of supplies. So when I see something at Hobby Lobby that says "40% off all Sketchbooks, I went a bit crazy. This now explains to me why Justin had so many books and art supplies on hand. LOL Live and learn, right?

This vast amount of items you see still racked up a pretty penny because though the books were on discount, I splurged (while I had the dough) to get some Special Copics that I desired and a Copic video to help me understand this Marker skill a bit more.

As you see by the images below, I bought a lot of different things for variety sake. I am getting new Special Sketchbooks made with my Trisha Trixie info on it, but I still need other books when not using those sheets which from now on will be used more sparingly.

Another reason why I bought some of these items is so I can make creations while at shows or booths and then resell them. So to me, there is a benefit factor there. They cost now for a whole book, but what I will be able to charge for one or two items will then pay for that item so it averages out, or I hope it will. (Fingers crossed)

The myriad of books and stuff

For some larger illustrations I am working on

Similar to my Special Page without my name on them and feels good

Marker like paper for Copics

I am actually going to break this up and make mini sketchbooks out of them (more to follow)

Marker Paper for Copics (I want to see if there is a difference between the two)

Going to use for creations at shows

Copics and DVD for learning and trying new skill

Small Watercolor sheets for creations

and, well of course Comics for inspiration... LOL
By the way, it happened to be Free Comic Book Day Saturday and one of the comic book stores moved over to Beaverdale, Iowa. It is called Cup O Kyrptonite and they were giving these away and then I bought the Terry Moore and the Girls one for inspiration.

I also spoke to the owner and they are going to start an Artists and Brews night over at Beaverdale Tap and asked me to participate. I of course, gleefully said YES! The artist are going to have a few pieces and then draw items that night. The pieces the artists wants to give will be scanned, go into a book and be published and sold (they get a free copy of course). For some this may be the only way to have published art. That would be KICK ASS if I was published in a book!! Hell yes! More info on that as it rolls around.

Right now, I am learning, playing with my new books and drawing and illustrating away.....

Until next time,


Trisha Trixie

Saturday: New Art logo

With help from The Art of Justin my new logo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Piano Way of Drawing

I know I have shared this quote before but I feel it warrants sharing again

If I miss a day of practice, I know it. If I miss two days, my manager knows it. If I miss three days, my audience knows it.

I realized I wasn't keeping up with my art in the fashion of which I would like. I want to keep up with sketching or drawing every day. My goal for 50 faces and 50 figures by the end of December isn't going to be even met or close to it, if I don't keep up. As well, Justin used to remind me of this quote and so intertwined I always think of him when I think of this quote. (funny how life is like that)

When I was in Colorado, I of course, had all the time in the world to really hone in on my drawing. But now that I am back, working on a contract, trying to launch a new website, singing with people, jamming on the weekends with music pals, and dating...well...I have less time.

I met with my Accountability Partner Wednesday and made a new affirmed goal and gave myself no excuses.

I am going to give this another try...Sketch or draw something, anything EVERY DAY! This is a lofty goal for someone like me, but as I said I gave myself no excuses. I put my little art books in a my sketch bag, then in my new purse so I always have a sketchpad with with me like Justin does.

The NO EXCUSES is because I have a special email I can send my art to this blog just by taking a picture and hitting send, so as soon as I sketch or draw something, I will snap it, up then send it over to here.

Also my boss just gave me this scanner and though I still need to get  cord for it and make sure it works, it has me in the thought process that if this one doesn't then I need to buy one. It is just one of those mandatory tools I think for an artist. Days of going to Kinkos to get scans or over. Taking a thumb drive to get prints, done fine...but the whole scanning process at Kinko's was not fun at all.

So here is what I did today while sick at home...

This is a Pro Bono commission print I am doing for a friends Church Block Party...

I am going to ink this and color it and then have prints made and give them out for free. Then on the rest of the table I will have my art for sale as well they asked me to bring an easel and do some work while I am there to showcase my kewl is that huh?

(My art is really getting around...nudge nudge...wink wink)

This is some work I did recently last weekend...

I inked this one for my Ben but I forgot to take a pic of it

Well, there you have update of my work...and more soon to follow.

Keep watching...

Trisha Trixie