Monday, April 18, 2011

Morning Pages Journal Cover

I have been down and sick as some of you may know from my other blog. But I finally felt up to do something and wanted to create a nice cover for my Morning Pages that I will be doing that I learned and remembered from The Artist's Way. It is basically a place where when you get up you just write down your stream of consciousness. She says three pages, but I always just write until it pours out and I can think straight again. or at least the best assemblance to that, (I hear you all snickering out there)

So here is the Cover for my Morning Pages Journal

ignore the cards that is another project I will tell you about later

So I bought a Papyrus Card I found and cut it out

The bottom is a tear off from a magazine

Then the inside parts of the card

Mod Podged them all together and let them dry and tada...

The final product

I am happy with it for what it's purpose is. I jsut wanted something fun to write in in the mornings. This makes me smile now and makes me want to pour my thoughts out. The sooner the thoughts pour out, the junk gets out of the way, and the good stuff starts coming in and then...

We got magic baby!

Hope you enjoyed the Composition Journal Cover!