Thursday, May 26, 2011

Promises Book

Many of the Brave Girls from Soul Restoration were left with a final task to do a Promises Book for themselves.

For my fellow Brave Girls, I took pictures of the Book all in one place and are posting them here. I hope this helps you along. I will write a bit about it more over on my other blog but here is an example of what I did if it helps you at all. For an up close reading on what is on each page please go to As Days Go By

The Beautiful Truth

Inside Cover and Front Page

Used Glimmer mist and words Melody gave us from Promises sheets

Some items leftover from our SR1 packets

Added stickers and items I bought at stores

After awhile I started using truths from the truth sheets

and words that emulate the promises I want to keep to myself

how I want to be and who I want to be

Wax paper cut in half to put in between so the pages don't stick

How I want to think of myself

To promise to remember I AM Fabulous!

and I AM a Beautiful Soul!

Unfinished pages still left

No cover or anything on back, just chipboard and a ribbon holding it all together
I hope this helped. Again. For more in depth take on the words and my thoughts on the book go to the ADGB blog. Love you all!

The dimensions are 6 x 8, Chipboard, Watercolor paper for the inside and then start laying down promises to yourself.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Be Kind to Your Soul Truth Card

I was in a creating mood the other day and I didn't have a lot of time, but I wanted to unleash that creative juices into my brain. I recently had picked up some items from Archivers and when I looked down at my table I realized I had all the items to do a little Birdie. Brave Girls is always asking us to submit a Birdie and so I thought, hey this might be cute and maybe I can enter my Birdie and it will get chosen.

I recycle a lot and so I used the back of the package the stickers came in and cut the top off. I think the backing card from KC & Company work great for little cards or Truth Cards like I make. Then I took some of my left over paper strips I had to make a little flowery grassy strip on the bottom.

I took the little stickers from the package and laid then around to make the corners and little flowers. Then I Mod Podged the Birdie with matte podge and stuck it donw like I did with the cloud and flowry grassiness.

I looked into my BG Truth Book I made a long time ago that I keep my Truths in and this one jumped out at me. It was elegant and simple and said it all. I cut it out and MP it onto the cloud.

Then I took Sparkle MP and went over the whole card. I used my blowdryer on a low setting to dry most of it and then let the rest dry. I snapped a few pics and sent it off to Kathy at BG and a few days later I was honored as the Featured Birdie for the Brave Girls Daily Truths

It was very exciting to be a part of something I love so dear.

and remember, you can create in many ways, try to take the time to Create Daily and live a fuller life by unleashing the creative juices in your soul