Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feautured Artist for 365 Days tribute Artful Vagabond "Ask the Artists

Ya know, this kind of constant acceptance can go to a girls head! :) I am so honored and amazed to be accepted and asked to be Featured and asked to be in so many things recently. I tease it would go to my head, but honestly I am truly humbled because I know though I have given my art much practice and willingness to learn new things, the gift is from a higher power and I am eternally gratefully and thankful for that. 

Join in my excitement in reading the letter I just received of acceptance  More to follow once I answer the questions and am ACTUALLY featured on the site. (Link to follow once I see it)

Dear Trisha,
I have reviewed your portfolio and will be pleased to include your work
in the 365 Days tribute on Artful Vagabond in a new series of posts,
"Ask the Artists" that has recently been incorporated into the project.
In this series of articles, selected artists like you will answer a
group of questions. One of your answers will be chosen to be included in
a post that will also include answers to the same question from several
other artists.
This particular series is aimed at the Artful Vagabond readers who are
fellow artists, but you may note that curators, gallery owners and art
enthusiasts are also subscribed to the blog.
An image of your work, your question response, and full credits and a
link to your website will be included in the article.
Here is a recent post from the Ask the Artists series:

Here are the questions. You may answer all or some of them as you wish.
A sentence or two, or a full paragraph or two is fine.
1.  How do you approach a new gallery to convince them to represent your
2.  How much time do you spend in the studio per week? Do you work every
day? Do you work on holidays?
3.  If money were no object, whose artwork would you purchase for your
home? Why?
4.  Do you listen to music, television or radio while you work? What do
you listen to and why? Or do you prefer to work in silence? Why?
Please note that I may edit your response slightly for
clarification/grammatical purposes.
If you are interested in including your thoughts and experiences in this
"group" series, simply send your responses within the next week or two
and I will select one for the group post. I may use other quotes in
subsequent posts, so you may appear in numerous articles.
I look forward to hearing from you.
- SerenaK
Serena Kovalosky
Independent Curator, Cultural Project Development
Email: serena@kovalosky.com
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Stay tuned as I just sent in my submission and I will post this with my info once it becomes available.