Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer of Color: Citron Turq Apron

So of course I am doing Summer of  Color  with Twinkle, Twinkle Like a Star Blogspot again!
I love this gal and I take every chance I can to unleash the artist in me to follow her color schemes and show my creativity.

Since of course I am doing more aprons now, I thought this year, in a different art form I would try, TRY being the key word there to do some Aprons and other things I make in the SOC3 colors she gives us.

This week we have Citron Green and Turquoise.

What a Challenge.

But I found a fabulous old skirt at the DAV and rePurposed it into an Apron!

I don't also do pockets in my aprons because sometimes I like to leave them in that dressy skirty style. To me, Aprons are a Fashion Accesory. You should eb able to wear it from

 Kitchen to Couture or
you like

So here is my apron for this week
to showcase our colors
Photo: Back of Summer of Color Citron Turq Apron by TrishaTrixie
Photo: Citron Turq Apron $35 by TrishaTrixie 
Thanks for stopping by. The Summer of Color   
 started so if you would like to join in, hop on over to her and join on in! 
Until Next Time
Trisha Trixie


  1. Wow! Excellent Trisha. I love what you did and the colors spot on! Many aprons hang in my kitchen. I love them.