Monday, May 23, 2011

Be Kind to Your Soul Truth Card

I was in a creating mood the other day and I didn't have a lot of time, but I wanted to unleash that creative juices into my brain. I recently had picked up some items from Archivers and when I looked down at my table I realized I had all the items to do a little Birdie. Brave Girls is always asking us to submit a Birdie and so I thought, hey this might be cute and maybe I can enter my Birdie and it will get chosen.

I recycle a lot and so I used the back of the package the stickers came in and cut the top off. I think the backing card from KC & Company work great for little cards or Truth Cards like I make. Then I took some of my left over paper strips I had to make a little flowery grassy strip on the bottom.

I took the little stickers from the package and laid then around to make the corners and little flowers. Then I Mod Podged the Birdie with matte podge and stuck it donw like I did with the cloud and flowry grassiness.

I looked into my BG Truth Book I made a long time ago that I keep my Truths in and this one jumped out at me. It was elegant and simple and said it all. I cut it out and MP it onto the cloud.

Then I took Sparkle MP and went over the whole card. I used my blowdryer on a low setting to dry most of it and then let the rest dry. I snapped a few pics and sent it off to Kathy at BG and a few days later I was honored as the Featured Birdie for the Brave Girls Daily Truths

It was very exciting to be a part of something I love so dear.

and remember, you can create in many ways, try to take the time to Create Daily and live a fuller life by unleashing the creative juices in your soul