Sunday, November 1, 2015

AEDM Nov 1

Since I just started this art journal, I figured this would be the best catalyst to track my AEDM posts and progress. i want to share with you what I have so far, even though I barely started it. I may change it up a bit as I am a seamstress and I am also doing mindfulness colouring. So you never know what you might see. First and foremost though, I will work on the journal. I love art journaling and so happy to have a chance to share it with others. I just love the arts in general and anything creative is a masterpiece i my mind. I look forward to connect with the rest of you. I usually swing by a few on my first few days but then it gets to be so crazy that I have to wait until the weekend to catch up with ya'll. Ill do my best. Please stop by and say hi!

Here is what I am starting with for AEDM 2015

A basic Mixed Media Sketch book I covered with Pink Packing tape. I love the look of it.

As a Newlywed I am proudly announcing my new Last Name Initial M for Merrill, of the Wisconsin Merrill's. I just joined the clan by marrying the youngest son (which i call HunEPants)

Life is too fabulous for words. This is from a stamp a friend gave me then I squiggled around it and colored it. I am the Sprinkler of Fabulousness, so why wouldn't I have that as my start page.

The Relationship Pages. Even though we are married as newlyweds I want to make sure we are on the right path. I wrote down my idea of a Perfect Relationship and he wrote down his. We have yet to compare but at least the scripting action is there.

I want to make ornate lettered quotes. Just entered a class how to do so. Watch as my progression unfolds.

And then there is Surrealism. I love Dali the best but enjoy Kush and some other arts too. This is my writing regarding my thoughts on Surrealism and my life.

 Well, that's it for today. Come back tomorrow and let's see where my creative bug lands for AEDM Nov 2. See ya on the flipside.

Trisha Trixie
Mindful Maven of Juste Etre

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