Monday, November 2, 2015

AEDM Nov 2: Colouring Art Noveau

Another day of Art Every Day Month

I did a bit of coloring last night. Was a little wiped so I didn't feel like working in my art journal. Plan on doing it today. Here is what I colored last night. I really like Surrealism. Mucha, Art Noveau, etc.

I have been dying to color this one. The flower petals didn't turn out as I like, but some of the best masterpieces come out of mistakes. I am avid about coloring at least once a week. Maybe more. AEDM will be a good challenge for that.

I started this last night and finished it today. I am going to do my best to keep up with the daily linking. Do you like Art Noveau? Do you have any links to colouring pages that you wouldn't mind sharing? I do a few mandalas here or there, but I must more enjoy pictures.

I  love the hair on the lady here. Odd, now that I am a redhead again I seem to be drawn to coluring that way. I always color alternating on the hair. It is like, my thing I guess. Also I did use Copics but I tried to give the dress a ruffled velvet or velour look to it. I think I did ok with that.

Mostly I wanted to share how drawn (no pun intended) to this image I am. I have really been feeling depressed and alone lately. We just moved to a new city, just got married two months ago, and this will be our first holiday with no family or friends.

I think this image just really resonates with me. Shielding my Heart chakra and protecting my soul house. Subdued and a bit withdrawn. Just being solemnly me.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a note if you can. :)

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