Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brave Girls Card-Brave Birds Flock

I have been wanting to do another Brave Girls card for awhile now. The other day I saw some kewl little birds at Joann's. Today I had some time after work and stopped by Joann's to get the Song Birds sticker sheet I saw with these cute little birds. I got home and found some recycled hose boards and a foam piece I had from before that I saved. I rummaged through my papers and found two 12x12 sheets that I thought would go good with the card I was going to make.

Then I looked up what a group of Song Birds are called and was surprised to find out something VERY interesting to me....

I found this site

Songbirds are the smallest of our birds and are also called "perching birds" meaning they can hold on tightly to branches with their toes.

Songbirds are some of nature's most magnificent resources. Their conservation is a critical and challenging endeavor.

Brave Girls totem is a Song Bird and I find this fitting. Brave Girl women either have needed or do need to "hold on tight" in their life. I also think because of this we are a magnificent resource and our conservation IS critical! Pretty kewl analogy right?!?!


All the choices

My recycled foam and hose board



I wrapped it like a present

Front of card wrapped with first wrap

It even looks like a present

My smash tape and other paper on top

Brave Girls spelled out with stickers

I added my flock of BG Birds

Back of the card with more of the flock of birds

 I hope you enjoy this new "Brave Girl Card-Brave Birds Flock"