Monday, September 5, 2011

In the Sun-Final Images of Summer

In my effort to catch up on my Fun In the Sun class I am now posting the remainder of my book I worked on this weekend. To me summer is finally over after Labor Day Weekend so to me it was this weekend or nothing.

I hope you enjoy my final images. Some are of the prompts Natalie gave me from her ArtJournalNing and some are my feelings of what summer is.

Sights of Summer #31-I, like Natalie, always see Bikes more in the summertime and couldn't resist doing a Bike page :)

Sounds of Summer #33-Fireflies, June Bugs, Children
Scents of Summer #35-Mowed Lawns, BBQ's, Smores
Tastes of Summer #34-Watermelon, Cherries and Lemons (it kind of got cut off on the bottom)

Summer Patterns#36 -Waves were my choice
Elements of Summer #42-Waves, Beach, playing in the sand

Shade, Sun, Catch a Wave, Seaside Escape, Slip n Slide, Wipeout, Wave Kissed Toes, Splashin Good Fun, Sunkissed kids

Dude, Fun, Splash Zone, Chillin, Sunshine, Splish Splash, Blissful, Under the Sea, Slip n Slide, Beach Leech, Lifeguard, It's a Shore Thing, Cowabunga, Hang Ten, Life;s a Beach

A Better Summer #47

Next Summer-More Road Trips, More Art Classes, More Lessons, More Fun

A Summer Adieu# 49- Thank You Good Bye Letter to Summer

Letter to Summer
Thank You Summer! I had so much fun exploring new things and a new me. I look forward to seeing you next year!

This one is kind of a summer one and a part of the Triple Dog Dare from earlier this summer

Sept 1, 2011-I have been Blonde my whole life and decided to do Natalie's Triple Dog Dare and Color my hair a darker Ash Blonde-Brownish color. This isn't a picture of me but I liked it for the color and the summer top she is wearing. This is an idea of the color it is now.
Summer Wish List-This is my wish page. These are the things I wanted to do this summer and I gladly was able to relist them and check them off!

Learn Archery, Go Horseback Riding, Finish an Online Class, See a Live Concert, Help Fashion Business Grow

Here are the remaining images that made me think or feel Summer.

I hope you all enjoy the remaining Summer images!

Soaking Up the Sun and Summertime Hot

100 Days of Summer

What Summer Looks like to me

Summer Adventures

Things to Do, Getting Away from it All, Road Trip, Sweet Escape

Exploring Together, Fun Times Ahead, Adventure
The Final Touches...

2nd to last page...the final thoughts of summer...

The last page...Hanging in a Hammock...That means Summer to me....

I added some kewl tabs that say things like Good Times, Fun Times, Barefoot, Fun, Documented,  Good Memories, Happy Days, and then some Bubble stickers and Misc tabs

The Look Inside!

Thank you Natalie for these great Prompts and for helping me grow artistically!