Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things I have been doing lately...

Things I have been doing lately...

I haven't been able to do my art like I wanted to but I did get a few NEW things done lately.

Rearranged my Studio
 Put some pictures up on the wall again...the even better thing..they were MY own!!

Bikini Babe Inking for client
Femme Face 1 inking for a client
Then on Thursday is the Art Crazy Art Show! I just purchased my tickets today (I decided to go to both shows by myself)

Now to decide what to wear!

Since I moved my desk upstairs I think it will help me as well. The ex used to have his art table near his computer and since that worked for him, I thought I would try it. So far so good. Next big purchase I need though is a 12x18 flatbed scanner...or something close to that. I hate having to take my pictures to Kinkos, scan them, put them on a drive them take them home...sigh. So irritating.

But it might be worthy soon...because (drum roll please) looks like I will be accepted to be at Ankeny Unplugged to have a booth for Every Saturday in June!!

So I will need to be making prints anyway to sell and I can't make prints at home so who knows.

I want to get back to a sketch a day and my goal of 50 Faces and 50 Figures so maybe this will help. Plus I have been really out of touch with my SOAR journal and need to do that. I am still blown away at my Art abilities lately and this wonderful gift of talent I have been able to grow into. Thanks for all my know who you are.