Sunday, April 29, 2012

After the Show

The Art Crazy show was definitely a learning experience. I wanted to get my art out there this year and I am doing just that.

Two goals met: Show art in Gallery-CHECK!
Have art sell-CHECK!

(Next time I will need to remember to ask the universe for ME to make money on my art! )

But it was for a good cause and I learned a lot...

I made it to the wall!
They sold in the first hour!

Me all dolled up for the event! (Blond locks back too!)

My Favorite Spring Dress and my Red shoes!

My collages were marked low :(

But at least someone bought a couple of them (I noticed they were gone later)
It was a fun evening. I learned to matte and frame my pics next time for donations to Art Shows or if I want them to sell. I learned I will most likely only buy a ticket to the first show not both if I go next year. I learned what people are buying and what they are not (won't donate collages next year). I learned the value of my art as seen by others.

I had an enjoyable time. I got my picture taken with my art. My art got on the wall. It sold within the first hour. It was a fun evening.

Best treat of all....?

When I got home there was a bouquet of wonderful flowers for me as a congratulatory gift !! Aren't they gorgeous?!? A great evening indeed!