Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Side

Sometimes it really is hard for me to know where i am supposed to put things. Do I put them here on this blog or on my ADGB blog. I decided for this aprt of it at least I am going to put it here.

I did this cute little addition to a card I had for a little "girl" friend I know for someone else to send a card off to her. I know she likes all kinds fo cutesy things so I just added to the cover. The little cat in the back was holding the picture in place but when I took the pic it made me laugh that the cat was peeking out saying "HI!"

Then after watching the Right Brain Business Video Summit I have been inspired to get my things in order. I realized I didn't have a calender here so I created one instead of buying one. This is what we "Creatives" do you know. This is what I have learned is okay and acceptable. The following images are the progression on the canvas board using the Glimmer Screen and Glimmer Mist.

Then I added embellishments, Sparkle Mod Podge, left over ribbon from my apron (repurposed), and used the sleeve the calendar pieces came in to hold the past months as well as the future months.

Then I used these cute paper clips I got at Target to hold the months on the ribbons. I was looking for a stapler to staple the back of the ribbon to the board, but I couldn't find any so I just used the last little bit of regular Mod Podge to hold it together and then I Blow dried it down.