Friday, March 4, 2011

Can Art Change the World?

As I was searching through my Hulu this morning to watch something while I eat breakfast I ran across this Ted Talk. I love TED talks and this one, the title even, intrigued me. The things he can do, the things he has done are simply amazing. It is these simple ideals that something so simple as Art can take shape in any form and become dynamic. I think you will be moved by this talk whether you are an artist or not. If you are an artist, you will be astounded and moved.

It moved me to think, not only could I with my one crappy little Black and White 35MM can do something with the Photography I like to do, but think about those who do this for a living. Think about other photographers who could help change the world. Then that got me to think, how he has inspired me in thoughts of.."Well, this is one man's project, this is his way of changing the world. How can my art make a difference?"

From that thought my thoughts are burning holes in my head. I have many ideas and thoughts of things I do and create. Am I creating for myself or do I desire to make a difference? I desire to make a difference in other areas of my life and constantly with others, so why not through art. what art am I creating now that could inspire others?What can I do in my own town? What can yo do in your school? What can you do in your family?

Watch the video and I think you too will be moved and perhaps your brain will start working overtime as well.