Friday, March 25, 2011

RBBP Creations

I haven't done much creating lately. Though I am working on it. I have been so busy learning and reading that I have not been focusing on this aspect. The funny thing is, what I have been reading is all ABOUT creating, yet I have neglected it.

Here are my images of some creating I did today at least. Even though it was small, I have done some.

This is the Beginnings of my RBBP Book for my company

This is the folder area for the things I learned and will learn form RBBP (Right Brain Business Plan)

This is the Folder are and pages for my Non Profit.

I listened to a Big Vision Script for the big vision I want of my business and I am now tasked to go off and make a collage. After that is done I will post that up as well. :)

Keep creating!