Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer of Color-Yellow Me Baby!

This last week we were to work on our Yellow. As hard as I tried I just couldn't Yellow it up. I started out feeling Yellow and Happy but I ended up desiring to wear RED most of the week. I decided to do something simple but still fun for my Yellow Project. AS always here are a few images to Yellow It Up and my Project is at the end...

Yellow Inspiration Card I made a long time ago!

Bees picture I won from Cottage Grove Blog

Yellow Papya Lotion to keep me smelly Yellow Pretty
My other Yellow Inspirational items

Wore my Yellow Dress on Monday...

My Bag and Stich Glue!

Liquid Stitch Glue

Yellow Candy to keep me sweet :)

I folded over the edges and added the glue

I also folded over the other sides inside out to make my bag and glued it...

Fed the ribbon through  by attaching a safety pin to the ribbon then pulling it through

Laid it out to dry a few hours

TADA! My Cute Little Yellow bag!