Saturday, October 8, 2011

Create Ever Day-Autumn-Week One

Create Every Day-What I did for Week One: Theme Autumn

Learned how to draw a Digital Owl, I have been practicing drawing regular owls, I drew two whimisical trees as a part of my "Draw 10 Trees" goal for October, started a quotation book (I plan to finish up this weekend), went through my In Style Fashion book and tore out sheets with Autumn clothes theme, put together a Broadway Playlist (makes me think of Autumn for some reason-perhaps because I go to more shows in the Fall), worked on Declaration of You (not necc Autumn theme but something I am doing in the Autumn time), Put office together for Autumn artistic goodness, Drew a Spooky Ghost, went to a garden to look at the leaves and enjoy the Autumn outdoors and snap some Autumn pics, 

and now blogging and sharing my Autmnness with you. :)

Whimiscal Tree (look for owl)

Digital Owl

Fall Fashion tear sheets for my Life Book

Oh I also set up my new place to draw and relax. Tv Art Table, Window for Autumn air :)=Priceless

Spooky Drawing (Prep for Halloween Drawing)

Owl Sketches

Thanks for the Autumn theme. Thanks for your inspiration. I am vastly looking forward to next week and the month of October to see what Autumn Creativity will exude from me and wil come to me to receive. :)