Sunday, October 9, 2011

CED-Autumn Quote Book

I have been working on this Autumn quote book from a book about how to do Projects. This was a kewl project that you were supposed to do by making an accordion book and using envelopes and homemade tags.

I used Wheat paper and with help made some tags.

I used cardboard from a leftover notepad for my front and back cover.

I used folded over bags, with polka dotted Smash Tape to hold the sides in.

I used a handheld hole punch to punch the cardboard to put some jump rings into

I added Ribbons to the jump rings to give it some character.

I went to Archivers to find some Quote stickers and used some for the inside and some for the cover. I think I might get some more to add to it. Then I thought I might use some Brave Girl quotes for the inside of the book as well.

I had help punching holes in the tags. I added ribbons and some key embellishemnts I got at Archivers for the end of the tags.

All in all I think the book is coming along quite nicely. :) What do you think?