Sunday, October 2, 2011

CED-Day One-My First Digital Owl

Create Every Day Day One-My First Digital Owl

I did some homework on how people are drawing owls all sorts of ways. I did a few thumbnail type sketches and drew a few of them to get an idea of what I liked or thought was cute. Then I went into a few of my online tools to swee what I had to work with, since I don't have Adobe anymore (long story for another day) I tried to use Gimp but I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted this time. So I opened up Paint and thought I would give it a go. I looked at a couple of examples but then did it freely on my own. I have Graphic Design friends and I did go to Brooks College for Graphic Design so I do know some things about the digital tools. I have wantched friends do creative things with the tools so I tried a few of those out.

I drew the circle, then uses the bending lines to tweak the wings. I did the eyes in multiples of circles and remembered watching how the sparkle in eyes were done. I saw a few owls colored different colors so I added this as well. Then I did like a few arms I saw that were hearts but they were turned sideways and I couldn't figure out how to rotate my owl's arms, so I left it. Then I added the circles to teh wings while I was still on the circle tool. I used the fill tool to fill the rest in but it was WAAY over pixelated so I zoomed in and used the eyedropper tool and the brush tool to go over the areas slowly. On a couple I went too fast and had to go back and redo it but as it worked out I think it looks ok. It isn't GREAT but honeslty I feel,

"Hmm, not bad for my first digital owl!"

First Owl done in Paint
So what do you think?
Are you doing CED? What did you do for your first Autumn Day?