Monday, November 21, 2011

CED-AEDM-Toilet Paper Turkeys

When looking for ideas for what to do with the toilet paper rolls after I did my owls I found this kewl idea to do TP Turkeys. I thought, well, heck yeah it IS going to be Thanksgiving and all!

So here is my version of the Toilet Paper Turkeys...

I used my scrapbook paper and a template Justin helped me create for the wings


Turkeys were born!
Tony Turkey
Tommy Turkey
Timmy Turkey
Turret's Turkey

Justin helped me make Feet, beaks and waddle
The Turkey Family

I am really have fun making Toilet Paper turkeys as well as I enjoyed the Toilet Paper Owls...what will Trisha (not Trisha Turkey create out of Toilet Paper Rolls next???

Not even Trisha knows....(muwahahaha!)