Thursday, December 15, 2011

Art is a Universal Language-ShowCase: Huldasbyralada

ShowCase: Huldasbyralada

I am not sure where I found this artist on what blog or where. But I love seeing her work in my inbox regularly. I think I saw her work on CED or AEDM. I immediately fell in love and signed up to receive her post via email. I don't have a clue what her words are but that is the great thing about don't need words.

Art is a Universal Language.

When I see her work...I feel something.

When I first saw her puppies I smiled.
Some of her work makes melaugh.
Some of her work makes me feel insightful.
All of her work I love.

Weather you understand the language of her words, please go find this artist and get to her the language of her work. You WON"T be dissapointed.

This little snowman caught my eye today...