Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bleeding Crying Downward Dying Heart 18x24

Bleeding Crying Downward Dying Heart

I have slowly learned to be a bit more free with my pencils and mentioned to me was the use of an easel which made me think of this pad I haven't used in forever ago. IT is an 18x24 drawing pad that I only had two sheets used up on.

I thought about the space I had to use.

I just let my hand show what my mind and heart were feeling...and this is what came out.

18x24 Pencil, Marker, Colored Pencils Red and Blue with a scrolled outline

I know for most of you this season is bright. But not everyone always is. Usually I am super cheery but last night my heart was sad and the only outlet I felt I had for it was this 18x24 drawing pad. I recently left someone very dear to me and my heart is torn up and trying so hard to heal. I truly feel there are times the way to heal is to draw and release. This was mine.