Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Styles, Faces and Figures

As I said in a previous post I have been drawing faces lately. Well, on top of that I have been challenging myself to draw eyes, faces, full figures, etc. Let me tell you. It has been CHALLENGING. I am definitely learning things about pencils, drawing, etc. I am learning things about my style, things I didn't know were "My style" just as I wonder if other artists learned their style.

Like Justin. If you look at Justin's art you can see a trend in how his "eyes" are done. He does the same most of the time. His lips tend to be the same too, but not always. This is just Justin's style. I have been combing through his artwork lately since he does so many figures and noticing this.

Justin's Art
Just like Tam from Willowing has a certain style to her art as well. If you look at the image below you will see w Whimsical character. This is often how Tam's art is. This is what she is known for.

One of the other artists I follow Kristen also has a certain way of paining her art. She often has large round eyed females with full faces. Once I started seeing that everyone has their own certain way of doingthings, it really helped open me up.

Twinkle Twinkle
Ok one more then I get to show you mine... Suzi Blu. I admire her talent so much. She is an amazing Mixed Media artist and I am always blown away at things she comes up with and put together. HEr art pages or paintings are just phenomenal to me.

Suzi Blu
SO now onto my recent works and what I have learned:

  • When drawing from a  reference, I don't have to follow it exact. I can do the eyes how I want, the lips, etc. Most especially, the hair, which now that I have done a few is starting to become "My Style" of doing hair.

 See, I used the reference photo but I the the hair my way, I didn't do teh earrings exactly the same and I didn't add her hand like the reference photo has it. So in essence this is "My Style" of drawing.

  • Something else I learned. Funny as this is to say, I didn't want to put the above drawing down until I was done. I get it now. I was up until 3 am one morning trying to finish this and I just couldn't. But I was in a groove or the Zone or whatever you want to call it. I never understand why some nights J would be for hours. Now I get it. Funny.
  • When I came back to it, I didn't quite feel the same and it was really hard to get back into it. But I made myself do it or else it would end up as another one of those unfinished pieces us artists hate to admit that we have all over the place. :)
 Just like how I did the girl in this picture. I didn't have to draw all of her hair to make it a great drawing. and there are a lot of features that were in the original that I didn't even do.

  •  I learned from other artists to have your own art up in front of you as a form of inspiration.  So I cleared off a space in my room and put my art on the dresser and as you just saw on my mirror. How fitting I put that drawing with that bumper sticker huh. I did that on purpose to remind me that I used to think I couldn't draw. Amazing what one can do when one has the time. I don't know what I will do when I get back to the "Real World" but I am quite disciplined so I will make time. I have to. Look how good I am! :)

 This next piece is one I am working on right now. I have been using reference photos from Vogue and Glamour and In Style Magazines. I saw this add as well as some other men's ads and thought, hmm, I should try my hand at men. (That sounded SO wrong) I should try my hand at DRAWING men. There you go much better. But I didn't want to leap into the unknown charted waters just yet. So I decided to start with this one where I have a make and female as a reference.

I know it's a bit hard to see because it is in the works. If you click on it it, you can see it in the image slideshow and you can see more detail.
  • Lesson: Men stubble is hard to create on paper! GRRRR! I tried to apply "My Style" to his hair and well, I just don't know yet. 
  • Lesson:Two lips kissing and two noses touching is not an easy feat. Maybe I need to draw a man by himself. I have two reference photos I plan to choose from next. Hopefully they will be much easier.
I still need to darker the plaid in her shirt and finish his lousy stubble. I like stippling and this is kind of like it but so much harder. I did find one or two pics from J's artwork of men with stubble and it looks like a whole hell of a lot of stippling. I don't know I am sure I will figure it out.

So to sum up, I am really enjoying this time to "hone in" on my drawing skills. No more swallowing whole that I can't draw, because well, I can. I can quite well if I put my mind to it. Most of these pieces I am not inking right now as I really feel in the groove to draw faces and figures and eyes right now. Maybe once, if I get bored with that or if something jumps out at me, I will ink it.

Other than that I have been sketching a bit still but not as much sketches as I have been doing more drawings. I did however find these two kewl (Trishism) sketch books when my friend Cindy and I went to Ouray, Colorado. It's funny, we went to this little tourist town and the only thing I bought was sketchbooks.

"You know your an artist when..." 

Borden & Riley Sketchbooks
Marmot Art Supply Painting and Art School

Well, she wasn't that much of an art school. Or maybe J has schooled me too well cuz her and I got into it about how even though the one book #234 Paris Paper for Pens, says it's for pens it's 108lb and is great to slide your pencil across. She insisted on the other other one #116 Artist Drawing Sketch. I bought both, but the one designed for pens really is much smoother, even fore pencils.

  • Lesson: You may know something about art others don't and you can try to share but other might not believe you and it's not worth discussing. All that matters if you know and have a better knowledge about it for yourself. In the end, I guess that is something that sets you apart from the rest.
So I only played around with them for a bit, but I did a couple of pages of eyes. My noses still need a little work but that wasn't my focus. I am tryling to get "My Style" when it comes to eyes as well. That is not as easy to do. I can draw eyes when they are big but when I have to draw smaller eyes I feel like I am drawing an Asian person (please no offense, it's just an observation).

I remember to draw in the little white dots in the corners like I was taught

I was trying to work on my lashes here
Little by little "My Style" is coming around. Hopefully one day someone will be able to look at my art and say, "Oh, that is a Trisha Hunter piece"...oh what a day that will be! :)

Until next time...Love and Light,

Trisha Trixie