Sunday, March 4, 2012

SOAR Update to Week 8

I realized I hadn't posted much of my SOAR stuff so I thought I would update you with some pics...


The top one is "Fuzzy Boundaries" and the bottom on is "Rigid Boundaries"

This is the front on my journal is I never showed anyone


Project Trisha- Healthy Map

 Two of the things I like to add to my SOAR is What I Trust and What I Know... IT actually took me awhile to write these out cuz I am kinda grey about both of those right now, but I still was able to write some things down. There are other things I would like to put down, but I don't feel solid enough to state those in Trust or Know yet...more like Things I think... :)

Here are my pages from the Previous weeks

A Phrase a good friend used to say to me from his Nana

One of my What I Trust What I know Sheets

Bad Ass Broad Page

You deserve to live the best Kick Ass Life

21 Kick Ass Tips & Tools

Stop trying to be perfect

Hate Less Love More
Lesson 6 Transforming
Words from my friend Rita to help me through

Resistance Formula

Courage Notes
It takes Courage to Live