Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tree of Love Art Challenge Shwe Khit

This tutorial from Shwe Khit was great for a beginner like me! I was so excited to do this I stayed up until after 1 am....(I am becoming more and more like an artists every day lol)

I followed her tutorial and made my own "Digital Art" called Tree of Love.

We were tasked how to do everything and I could pretty much follow it even though I only have CS2. I had to improvise a bit on the brushes but I figured it out. Then we were to add out own quote and so I took from the Shiny Apple poem and made my own.

As alwasy I almost forgot to signed it, but after I saved it three ways (Photoshop, Jpeg, Png) the first time, then I added my own unique "digital signature" and the re-saved it three times again.

So here is my Digital Art-Tree of Love....What do you think?