Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Piano Way of Drawing

I know I have shared this quote before but I feel it warrants sharing again

If I miss a day of practice, I know it. If I miss two days, my manager knows it. If I miss three days, my audience knows it.

I realized I wasn't keeping up with my art in the fashion of which I would like. I want to keep up with sketching or drawing every day. My goal for 50 faces and 50 figures by the end of December isn't going to be even met or close to it, if I don't keep up. As well, Justin used to remind me of this quote and so intertwined I always think of him when I think of this quote. (funny how life is like that)

When I was in Colorado, I of course, had all the time in the world to really hone in on my drawing. But now that I am back, working on a contract, trying to launch a new website, singing with people, jamming on the weekends with music pals, and dating...well...I have less time.

I met with my Accountability Partner Wednesday and made a new affirmed goal and gave myself no excuses.

I am going to give this another try...Sketch or draw something, anything EVERY DAY! This is a lofty goal for someone like me, but as I said I gave myself no excuses. I put my little art books in a my sketch bag, then in my new purse so I always have a sketchpad with with me like Justin does.

The NO EXCUSES is because I have a special email I can send my art to this blog just by taking a picture and hitting send, so as soon as I sketch or draw something, I will snap it, up then send it over to here.

Also my boss just gave me this scanner and though I still need to get  cord for it and make sure it works, it has me in the thought process that if this one doesn't then I need to buy one. It is just one of those mandatory tools I think for an artist. Days of going to Kinkos to get scans or over. Taking a thumb drive to get prints, done fine...but the whole scanning process at Kinko's was not fun at all.

So here is what I did today while sick at home...

This is a Pro Bono commission print I am doing for a friends Church Block Party...

I am going to ink this and color it and then have prints made and give them out for free. Then on the rest of the table I will have my art for sale as well they asked me to bring an easel and do some work while I am there to showcase my kewl is that huh?

(My art is really getting around...nudge nudge...wink wink)

This is some work I did recently last weekend...

I inked this one for my Ben but I forgot to take a pic of it

Well, there you have update of my work...and more soon to follow.

Keep watching...

Trisha Trixie