Sunday, May 6, 2012

Art Shopping

One thing I am learning as an Artist more and more is the HIGH cost of supplies. So when I see something at Hobby Lobby that says "40% off all Sketchbooks, I went a bit crazy. This now explains to me why Justin had so many books and art supplies on hand. LOL Live and learn, right?

This vast amount of items you see still racked up a pretty penny because though the books were on discount, I splurged (while I had the dough) to get some Special Copics that I desired and a Copic video to help me understand this Marker skill a bit more.

As you see by the images below, I bought a lot of different things for variety sake. I am getting new Special Sketchbooks made with my Trisha Trixie info on it, but I still need other books when not using those sheets which from now on will be used more sparingly.

Another reason why I bought some of these items is so I can make creations while at shows or booths and then resell them. So to me, there is a benefit factor there. They cost now for a whole book, but what I will be able to charge for one or two items will then pay for that item so it averages out, or I hope it will. (Fingers crossed)

The myriad of books and stuff

For some larger illustrations I am working on

Similar to my Special Page without my name on them and feels good

Marker like paper for Copics

I am actually going to break this up and make mini sketchbooks out of them (more to follow)

Marker Paper for Copics (I want to see if there is a difference between the two)

Going to use for creations at shows

Copics and DVD for learning and trying new skill

Small Watercolor sheets for creations

and, well of course Comics for inspiration... LOL
By the way, it happened to be Free Comic Book Day Saturday and one of the comic book stores moved over to Beaverdale, Iowa. It is called Cup O Kyrptonite and they were giving these away and then I bought the Terry Moore and the Girls one for inspiration.

I also spoke to the owner and they are going to start an Artists and Brews night over at Beaverdale Tap and asked me to participate. I of course, gleefully said YES! The artist are going to have a few pieces and then draw items that night. The pieces the artists wants to give will be scanned, go into a book and be published and sold (they get a free copy of course). For some this may be the only way to have published art. That would be KICK ASS if I was published in a book!! Hell yes! More info on that as it rolls around.

Right now, I am learning, playing with my new books and drawing and illustrating away.....

Until next time,


Trisha Trixie