Friday, May 25, 2012

Artist Comparisions

As artist whether meaning to or not art influences us.

I think there are times the world around us might spark a thought in mind and we capture that in our minds.

Then I think we may develop a style that we didn't even know we were developing like another artist and out style might be compared to them. To some this is an honor. To some this is an insult. To some this scares the dickens out of them.

To me...all three.

(You can stop laughing now)

My Latin art piece has been compared to Frida Khalo


While I was the SpringCon Comic Book Convention I had a number of artist tell me to look up Frank Stack as they felt my art had a style like his

Today I was told my poses and they way my figures and faces were drawn resembled a likeness to Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

The point of this is this...

Why do I feel all three?

Well, you see I have drawn  for awhile but I have gone through variations of styles and tried different things. I have copied to try and get used to the way things felt. I have done the tedious hours of drawing only to throw the paper away. I have penciled and inked and colored with Copics. I have had people not support and others support with vast endeavors. I have taken steps back to lets other artist have their chance to take steps forward.

  • It is an honor that anyone would think my work resembles anything of anyone else when I have no clue who the people they are even talking about are much less the fact they think it looks like someone famous.
  • It is an insult because I don't want anyone thinking I copied them or copied their work or did anything of the sort. Yet I am afraid they think that.
  • IT scares me because I think, WOW, they think I have enough talent to be like someone else and I didn't know who that person is they are talking about and that person is famous that means maybe one day I could be a great artist like them... HOLY SHIT!...then my knees start
 In the movie Pretty Woman at the beginning there is a man hollering out

"What's you dream? Hey you What's your dream"

and I keep thinking about that and thinking

well up until five months and hell maybe five minutes ago...I am not sure I knew...

this "ART THING" as I call it so new, so fresh, so NOT TRISHA....but IS's so UNFATHOMABLE!!

It's as I call it SURREAL!!

I spent so much time in the last four years allowing someone else to be the artist and all I wanted was to help him reach this artist dream I didn't even THINK about THINKING about IT!!

It isn't really about who I am being compared to or who I will be compared to. It is about comparing myself to myself. It is about honing in on MY art and challenging myself and being ok with MY art and doing it for myself and no one else.

MY 50-50 goal isn't about an achievement or an accomplishment to get to the top of something. It is for me so make my craft better.

That is my food for thought for today.

So the REAL moral of this story is NOT to compare yourself to anyone else but you. If you are right with, then who cares about the rest.

I am the best Artist I know. You are the best Artist you know too. :)