Monday, February 28, 2011

Recent Art-Complishments

We were lucky enough to get a few special little challenges from the Brave Girl crew. One was an Apron Challenge and then we also got a Week 7 special task of which I also posted here.

It already was very pretty to start with

I added a bow and a charm at top then some appliques I got from Walmart

I found a B & G for Brave Girls and a 100% Girl

Of course I had to add a Princess to have a Princess Pocket

then more patches all around to add to the color

Week 7 Project work

I took this little book and added a ribbon into the spine and tied a bow and then some scrapbook pieces to the front

I added a paper in the front

more to the back
Sorry I am not quite back yet to be doing art all the time again yet. It seems like the process has gotten harder since I moved for various reasons but I am doing art still, just not as much as before.

I hope you like these little projects I did. I will try to do more this evening while doing my Monday TV watching. :) That seems to be a good time lately. Your comments are appreciated.