Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beach Girl

I started this one originally for my friend's birthday but then I happened to be working on the Mermaid challenge at the same time so I sent him that one instead. But I will send him this one too now that I am done (even though it is a bit late). You see he is a former surfer boy. Grew up in Huntington Beach. Lives on the beach now. He is one of those boys that loves his Beach Girls.

Plus I have been trying to do more figures, especially since I saw I have hit the halfway point on my faces (25 faces woo hoo) but I still need 13 more figures to equate. So I am pulling out the ones I have been wanting to color and getting those drawn and colored.

So what do you think of my Beach Girl (Ok I confess this one was adapted from a picture of me jsut like Strawberonade Fairy was as well. We ARE our own best subjects aren't we?)

Penciled Beach Girl

Colored Beach Girl
So what do you think of my Beach Girl?