Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer of Color Mermaid

The weeks are counting down til the end of the Summer of Color: Ice Cream Inspiration series over at Twinkle Like a Star and I was started to get worried I would never see a blue/green combination but lo an behold, we got one! Wild and Reckless! Aren't the Colors below just fab!? Well, I think so because they were JUST the right colors I needed/wanted for a Mermaid I have been DYING to draw and color.

I have finished up all the Digital Dreams courses from Tam at Willowing and I think I really have a better handle on coloring Digitally now. I am sure I could use more training but I am getting more amazed at even myself on how much better I am getting at figures, faces and especially coloring!!

Check out my Mermaid below and tell me what you think?