Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer of Color-Wonderful World of Watermelon Whimsy

Being that this is our last Color Challenge for Twinkle Like a Star I wanted to do something REALLY fun for our color WATERMELON.

As I have said I have been taking many of Tam from Willowing's classes leveraging the knowledge of my own from past Graphic Design experience. This week I started her World of Whimsy course and we were to create a person. I wanted to do a person, but I wanted more than that for this week's SOC 2 so I incorporated her into another Photoshop Document and created for her, her won Whimsical World of Watermelon. I wanted to make it large enough that it could be a wallpaper if anyone wants it so please right click and save, then Set as Desktop for something fun to look at. If you do use it as wallpaper, would you comment below if you saved it or used it as wallpaper? I would really love to know how many people liked anough to do that! :) How exciting to know my art is on someone's computer!!

So enough chatter, her is my girl and her Wonderful World of Watermelon Whimsy