Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brave Girl Birdie Babe-Featured on BG

Well, I am finally done with all of Tam's Digital Dreams Course! Wow talk  about a challenge for the last one! I am not used to creating things "Completely Digital". Making a face, eyes, pupils, the little whites of your eyes, a nose, the shading in your nose, the lips, the neck, the arms, the hair, good grief. IT is alot of work!! Then there is learning how to use Dodge and Burn. Which one makes things darker and which one makes things lighter. I also learned about Brushes and then she had me at Hello! Wow! I didn't know so much could be done with brushes!! To some (I argue with the new boyfriend on this) they should not be called Brushes they should be called Stamps. I understand what he means, but nevertheless, that is what they are called. I didn't do the homework as assigned, but then I was never one to follow the rules much. :) I did however create many things in the fashion of which she said but then I also used brushes and Free Transform and things I learned from her as well as what I knew from my previous classes at Irvine Valley College.

So here she is and then i will explain.

I drew her face, eyes, eyebrows, neck and body.
I used the elliptical to make the eyes for the color and the same for the pupils. I used the Transform tool to tweak it a bit.
I used an Eyelash brush for the lashes, then Transform again to mold it to my drawing.
I used the erases tool to erase the white part out of the eye brown eye I had used and added in the two circles for color and pupil.
I used a Brush for the hair, nose, and lips and then tweaked them and made them my own.
I used a brush for the musical background as well as several different brushes for the colored splashes in the back.
The birdie is actually a brush. I did NOT draw that. Poor little guy didn't have an eye so I coped the eye pupil I made for my eye then shrank it to fit him.
I added white circles on the eyes of all for effect.
I filled the hair and then used Dodge and Burn for shading.
I colored her top and then used dodge and burn for shading there as well. Kind of looked like a sweater so I added snowflake brushes to it.
When I added the Birdie I thought of Brave Girls and how they always use "Birdies" in everything they do, so I made my words about Brave Girls.

I sent it in and was honored to be featured for their BG Daily Letters 

I could say more, so if you want to know comment and I will tell you.

Other than that, Da-aaam! Not bad for my first digital person eh?

I know I have to work at it more and do some more training with these tools but so far, not bad. I think now I can go on to her other courses where she creates more than people and adds Whimsical Characters etc.

IT has a "look and feel" to it that I want to refine but I think it's kind of cute, don't you?