Friday, July 27, 2012

SteamPunk Femme Face

I drew this SteamPunk Femme Face some time ago with a variety of pencils but hadn't figured out how I wanted to finish it. I had other challenges on my plate so this kind of was put on a shelf. Yesterday I had to go to Hobby Lobby and get some graphite paper to transfer something onto a canvas I want to do (one I have already drawn and don't want to do it again) and while I was waiting for the employee to be able to get to me to answer a questions I walked around.

I found a great book on Drawing and Coloring digitally SteamPunk Characters and I just HAD to get it. IT was bent to heck and it was the last one so I asked and my Trisha charm won them over I guess because they gave me 40% off!!

So after a few other things I had to do today, I pulled this pic out and colored away!

Now you see the results and the first of many more SteamPunk Femme Faces and Figures to come!!

What do you think?