Friday, February 3, 2012

Dragoness and Warrior Companion COMPLETE

Better late than never I say. Ok, I have been saying that on a  FEW too many things, but I am starting to understand why people don't like to plan or try and meet's stressful. But slowly I am learning and in the process getting SO much better with my art. Though J and I are not together, I can't help but recognize what an amazing and important part he played in my artistic abilities coming forth. I never wanted to draw. Pencils take so long and so many people kept telling me how bad I was at it. J encouraged me and was the ego boost I needed artistically to move forward and not be afraid to draw, sketch or create in any form or fashion.

I dedicate this Willowing Jan Dragon Challenge piece to him:

A VERY detailed dragoness

Dragoness Delilah

Warrior Companion, Favorite and Friend  of the Dragoness
Excerpt from The Book of the Dragon on Dragonesses,

Female dragons are very scare, so they are treated with special reverence. The physical development of the young female dragon is faster that that of males. It is not unusual for them to start talking before their wings have appeared. Dragonesses command great respect and reverence. Often prouder and fiercer than males, they are very protective of their privileges.By the time dragonesses are ready for their first flight, they have become beautiful adult beasts and have received intense instruction in all fields of dragon knowledge. They set out on the flights alone,but are joined by the male who wish to mate her.

Dragonesses are expert magicians and have the ability to change themselves into women of great beauty. Dragonesses have been known to enter human society without revealing their true identities and preserve their human forms for a considerable length of time.

The rarity of dragonesses is a powerful influence on social organization of the species and on the capacity of the dragon for forming emotional attachments. Dragons are sociable by nature, yet they are unsociable by nature and profoundly competitive seeing other dragons as potential rivals. This makes it impossible for them to form friendships with other dragons at times.

This is why Dragons have favorites, usually humans as companions. The Companion is a friend, someone special, close and dear to the Dragoness. the Dragonesses usually forge strong and lasting  friendships with them. 

Thus why I chose a Warrior Companion to draw with this piece.

Again, thank you to J for being my muse and healing inspire me to draw the things I love 
and love the things I draw.