Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sketch of the Day "Walking Through Fire"

Sketch of the Day "Walking Through Fire"
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I am trying things out like J would do. He used to try out different methods of artist things and see which worked best. I saw he is doing a sketch a day and I thought that might be a nice way for me to keep up on my sketches so I don't have to do a huge blog for Sketchy Thoughts. Plus it keeps me being artistic daily. Now how to share that daily is the thought challenging me lately and right now.

One thing I have been doing it just Pencils. But I notice when I send the image no matter if I use my phone or camera they are not easy to see. So today I did something different. I used an ink pen today on top of my pencils. I think it helps so you can see it better now.

Then I have been playing around with Photobucket and posting straight to Twitter or messaging the picture from my phone. So far I think I like this method. I take the pic with my phone, then send it to a special email. In the message I put the info that is under the picture. 

If I want I can do as I am now and Edit the post once on the site. But it is nice to know that if I am not able to, that I can just send the pic and it will post from there. I can post straight to Twitter but this way I get to say a bit about the sketch.

So here is to new artistic endeavors and new ways of sharing. (clink)