Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SOAR Week 5

Here is the lesson stuff for Week 5

My words: Don't Believe Everything You Think

Pieces from lesson

Stretch Out And Risk SOAR

Unraveling grief sketch

Realize you have been hit by an Emotional Truck

Unravel Grief

Self Talk

No More Mean Negative Self Talk

My little notes to my self

Not alot to say about this week. So much has happened and people have told me so many things I kinda feel numb. I wanted to do the lesson but this one was one of those weeks I was like "Meh..."

The biggest things to me was CHANGE. I see and know and realize how very much I am changing. Frustrating though that others see the change in me but don't have faith, belief or trust that I will stay that way. In a way I at firt was upset when I read past emails and things saying that I will change in two years and will I be there same?? Will, I sure hope NOT!! I hope I will be better, stronger, different. ASking me to stay the same is lame. No thank you. You should WANT me to change. I want YOU to change. Not for me, but hey uh hi there...that is called "Growth" ya know?

Anyway, Anita says they all won't be wonderful and learning and passionate so I don't feel so bad. But I did do my homework like a good girl