Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CED Challenge-Mixed Media

One of the groups I am a part of Create Every Day has challenged us this week to use Mixed I decided to go all out on Collaging on Tuesday. Here are Collages

Bad Ass Broad Collage from Blissbombed
After misted

used Glimmer Mist on Canvas baords

a few different colors

with a stencil

Thoughts from Carolyn Rubenstein

The Dance of Change-15 Quotes of uncertainty
21 Quotes for Motivation

Manifesto of Encouragement by Danielle La Porte
MY Self Love Board from Andrea Owen (Kick Ass Life)  and Stephanie St. Clair (Blissbombed)
I did a few

The other view
MY Bad Ass Broad Wall with Collage on the bottom

My other collages on the walls
I tend to do Mixed Media on Collages but I also do them in my SOAR Art Journaling and I am starting to learn Mixed Media as far as Drawing, then Inking then coloring Digitally is ALSO considered Mixed Media.  Find your niche in Mixed Media and I promise you that you will fall in love with it fast!