Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cute Monster Might Bite-DeviantArt

In an effort to get my art more noticed this year I have been doing Challenges and Contests. I saw this contest for a Cute Monster in Deviant Art. I penciled it and inked it. Then I had Cindy scan it in and then I went into Photoshop and worked on coloring it. I forgot nearly everything J taught me, which is like mondo super frustrating, by the way. Normally I would just send it to him, ask him to help and he makes it perfect for me with all the right lines and strokes and then helps me color things in Photoshop. Though I always said "Thank you", it makes me feel like maybe I took his assistance for granted.

So now...I'm on my own...I had an idea of what I needed to do, but so wish he had a tutorial of how to convert a pencil/ink into a Photoshop File ready for coloring. Or I so wish I had wrote it

Having to do this on my own in essence will help me and has helped me grow and learn more about Digital Art and Digital Coloring. I went searching for the knowledge I needed and found a few links to help me out.

Luckily I found this link and followed it the best I could
How to Trace/Prepare a Penciling or Inking for Photoshop

I have been working on some free classes from Shwe Khit Art and following her Free Tutorials so I am learning and getting a but better on my own...but it is still frustrating to now have to do this all on my own since we are no longer together. I know he said I could talk to him about art, but right now we are giving each other space and I am being boundary thick about that.

I don't think I did as well as I could have with my Artist Assistance from J, but thinking to the fact that I DIDN'T have his help, I think I did pretty good! :)

Here is my Contest Submission...The shirt says on the front

"If you don't hug me..." and the back says "I might bite you"

Would you be willing to click on the link and vote "Id' Wear This" on my Cute Monster T-Shirt to help me make it to the Semi Finals?

The page where my Entries are at CLICK HERE FOR PAGE

This is where MY Artwork actually is CLICK HERE FOR ART