Saturday, June 30, 2012

Miss Strawberonade Flutterby Fairy!

Drum roll please....brushes and is Miss Strawberonade Flutterby Fairy!

All the sass and toughness as my other fairness but with a hint of sour and sweet of Strawberry and Lemonade!
This week our color for SOC2 was Strawberry Lemonade. On flip side B of my life I watched Digital Dreams by Tam and learned about Brushes. I knew about brushes before but I guess I didn't really understand how to use them until now. Oh wow! Was I hooked. I almost needed a crowbar to pull me away and pry my fingers from the computer. Tam gave us some ideas for where to load brushes and then my art friend Justin sent me a set of brushes. That made me remember the other brushes I had seen out there and well, I went a little overboard with downloading brushes. But then once I started using them, I realized, "Hmm, I don't need to load all these brushes I think. : lol
I don't have the Watermark thing figure out like Justin said, but I did Stamp my art with my Signature, Year and Month like before. I have to remember next time to take off my pencil signature before I start coloring next time. I got too far in and couldn't figure out how to get it off. I tried using the patch tool like Tam showed us, but I failed at that. 
Next week the new boyfriend is taking me away to the Amana Colonies for a week so I can relax (been very stressed lately and had some health issues) and enjoy simpler things. So I decided I would take my new Art Case and Copics and do next weeks with Markers since I am new at that too! 
Plus it will give me shoulder a chance to heal. 
Thank you so much for those who support my art Anita, Kristen, Leslie, Sonia, everyone from CED, Willowing, Goddess Guide, Summer of Color, Be Urself, Brave Girls, Ridler Studios, and everywhere else  you follow me from.
Also a thank you to JC for putting up with me and always supporting me. Without you as my friend and in my corner, I never would have gone this far and seen what I could do. Thanks for the beautiful new Sketchbooks you took the time to make for me, and for being my personal art shopper at Dick Blick until I could pay you back for Art  Tape, Pens, books, etc. 
I am also very grateful to Ben, the new boyfriend. Not many boyfriends will put up with you coming home from a day job, barely eating with you and then letting me go sit in my studio for hours nearly every night. It is what I want to do and it makes me happy so he said that makes him happy. Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays and most weekends- Saturday and Sunday are consumed by me doing art things, drawing or Digitally Coloring something, or reading something about art. Even if I am sitting next to him I now have a sketchpad and a book in my hand that teaches me "how to" something artistic and I labor over it intensely to make my art craft better and better. He doesn't really follow my blogs, but nevertheless, I know I am thanking him and it means a lot to me. 
To the rest-Hope you enjoy my fairy. I really love the comments. Especially the ones about my fairies being tough. Those have really made me smile :) You just  don't even know.....
Trisha Trixie