Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Creative Money Map

Andrea from ABC Creativity has been talking about how to get Creative with Money. Normally I hear anything about Money and become like Kevin from Home Alone with my arms flailing t=in the air screaming and running in to the other room.

But I follow her blog regularly and like listening(reading) what she has to say. I like reading stories about other people and the inner artist in me became inspired.

After I got back from my hiatus in Colorado, in March ( I took a break from life for a few months) , I decided I needed to get my crap together as start paying off some debt. I didn't want to keep living in fear of making money. I am a successful entrepreneur and yet I often feel like I keep myself from making money because I think, "What's the point people I owe debt to are just going to take it." Well, if I pay it, then they can't take it, right? DUH. No brainier one would think. But those debts were large and seemed like I would never pay them off.

With the help of a friend, Andrea and following the advice of other successful people I drew out this Money Map and have start following a better plan to pay off my debts. I do Freelance Contracts and though I may not always have a surplus of funds, right now I have money to pay things so I am going to do what I can to widdle those debts down. The rest of the time I own my own LLC business and the money comes and goes and is not as consistent and when that time rolls back in and will deal with that when it happens.

The way this is set up is like this...

The thing I want are at the Top

Security, Stability, Pleasure.

How to get there is by the upside down Debt tree.

For every debt paid (branch cut) $$ Money flows to other areas of the tree. The center of the tree shows where the money comes from. Income, Deposits, Cash. The branches of the tree are Labeled on the Debt side D1, D2, D3 etc. Then SAvings, Living Expenses, Allowance, and Business.

To the right is Money trapped in jail and it says "Go from this..." "To this" and then Money is free. My Money says "Woo hoo, I'm Free!"

On the bottom is the Road to Financial Freedom and some Orange Cones and writing that says "Beware of road blocks along the way" and then a sign that shows when I have reached my desitination and that is my VISUAL GOAL

Financial Freedom "Where You and Your Money Can Enjoy Life Together!"

So there is my little Creative Money Map...Maybe it will help you along your money journey...