Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rainbow Sherbert Fairy

This is my Rainbow Sherbert Fairy I did for my Summer of Color: Ice Cream Inspiration Challenge. Copic Colored, 11x17 Strathmore 60lb Paper

It is so frustrating because I struggle so much with faces when I am doing figures because the faces are smaller. Sometimes they turn out fine, other times I want to shoot myself. I don't like the eyes on this one very much. (but aren't all artists picky about their work?)

When I have a FULL face I am fine, but when I am trying to do a figure, I don't know, it is really a struggle. That is why I have more Faces done and less figures. I need to do it the other way around though I know.

Do the thing that challenges you most, so you hone your craft and get better at it. So maybe I will do a figure for each of my Summer of Color Challenge. Not sure but it is an idea.

If you would like to participate in the Summer of Color of fun it is done by my wonderful friend Kristen over at Twinkle Twinkle

Her Facebook Group (I set up for her for last year's challenges -yay!) is over here Summer of Color Facebook

The colors we were given this week were Rainbow Sherbert which is a mix of Pink, Orange and touch of white. We are allowed to use other colors but I try very hard to stay true to the color given.

I am trying to add more backgrounds so I added the little half circle at the top and I saw an artist at the ComicCon have a design upside down like that on the inside and thought it looked pretty cool.

The little houses where ornaments from my backyard I thought might make a nice addition. Don't they look like little fairy homes. I think so. I am sure fairies live there! :)

Then I am a heart and tiny flower junkie I think because if you start looking back at my work I put them in EVERYTHING!! LOL.

Also I seem to be tattooing all my ladies lately. I don't want to get a real tat on me so I tattoo them I guess! :)

Keep watching for more Summer of Color fun!! And if interested I know Kristen would love to have you!!

Trisha Trixie