Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue is Everywhere, did you know (Summer of Color Blue)

It is amazing how if you start looking for a color, you start seeing it everywhere. I like taking photos too so I couldn't resist in clicking up a few shots. I couldn't resist seeing Blue so I snapped up a few to share with you:
A Blue post it not I drew some time ago last year when taking SR1 and needing a bit of love, so I gave it myself

My Turquoise Blue Harajuku Journal Book

My Blue Bumper Stickers posted randomly to remind me of things I need to hear

Did you know there is Blue in the Crest toothpaste Tube?

And my Travel Morrocon Oil is blue too

Brilliant by Aveda bold Blue bottle

even my Tens Unit has Blue pads on them...who knew?

My First Timer's Ribbon from the NE Jaycees is Blue

My corn bag and some parts of my Chair cover are Blue

Poster from Concerts have Blue in them

My SR1 Journal was Blue and I didn't even notice till now

My French Book is Blue

I even have some Blue Clothes!

My Frisbee Disc is Blue

There is a type of Blue in my Cat Dude's toy he loves

My fake aquarium of course has Blue in it (duh)

The floormat to the house is Blue

My roomate's cat Booties snoggle bed has Blue in it

the glass I was drinking out of today is a bold Blue

The clip on the Fridge is Blue

The pans I use are Blue

Some of the lights still outside on the patio are Blue

My cat's treat toy is Blue

My laundry detergent bottle is Blue

Even the Multi dryer washer sheets are Blue!

Boxes of food I use are Blue

And then here is the project I did in Blue. BLUE PROJECT CLICK HERE

Thanks Kristen and Summer of Color for this fun Journey this week. I think I am starting to open my sense to colors a little bit more now...I can't wait for what comes next?