Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer of Color-Pink Fashion

Pink oh pink oh wonderful wonderful pink!

It's Pink oh Pink I think!

I created a YT Playlist for Inspiration

Pink Kindle Cover

Pink Comb, Earbuds and Purse Hanger

Pink Paint, bag for Paints, Makeup bag, purse and Kindle holder

Pink Cover for my Brave Girl Truths Book

Pink Crown over my head in back of Brave Girl Truth Book

2 Pink Scarves I wear VERY often

Pink with my Tink on a purse I have been carrying all week

Pink ribbons on spices and Pink crate in the back behind my Pink Paint Purse

Pink trim on my Brave Girl Apron I made

Pink matte on Anime frame and to the right Pink Canvas I made for KSM

My Pink wireless mouse

Pink Heart post its

Pink Tink Dry Erase Board

Pink mini tote
Pink Baubles (I have many)

Pink Earrings (the 2 Crystal sets I made a few years ago with my mom)

Pink POTO Box (Photo spelled wrong-inside joke between me and my mom)

Pink Tink stocking and some Pink clothes in my closet

My Pink Birthday Diva sash from my 40th last year

My HUGE Pink Fuzzy Bwankie on my futon and my Pink and brown covered footstool with some Pink in my throw blankets and on the Eco Chick Book I am reading

Pink Toothbrush

Pink towel

Pink Pens and more Pink Heart Post its and a Pink Desk Topper under computer

Pink 12x12 carryall for misc papers (pink ones of course!)

Pink P paper sister Bonnie got me, Pink Tink pen, and Pink Note box with Audrey pic Justin drew for me in the frame (she likes Pink too ya know!)

Bad Girls Little Pink Book

P in the Pink book

My adorable Pink shoes
Pink Brave Girl artwork

Pink Brave Girl artwork

Pink Brave Girl artwork

and ME in Pink of Course!! TEAM PINK!

with my Pink scarf, Pink cami and Pink VS shirt

if you look you can see many pink things all around me...
The start of my Pink Project...all the yummy tools

Painted Pink boards..

Light Pink Paint

TADA! My Pink Project REVEALED!!!

Pink clothing Screen, Pink and Brown Armoire set, and little Pink Clothes for the Fashionista in me!!!

 and Now.....(drum roll please....) for the Main Pink Project...(rat atatatatatataa BOOM!)