Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun "In the Sun"-A FREE Online Class for Creatives-Leftovers

These images and info were the Leftovers that I neglected to do before

My Intro Page
I still haven't added any words to my Into Page because I am not sure what to say (I know rare for me) but I have it done and wanted to show you.
01 - Introduction

Alter Ego
Then this is my Alter Ego pages...
05 - Alter Ego

I chose a blond girl with her face slightly hidden out of a magazine to represent me. I have a hard time seeing myself as anything but Blond even in another universe of me I guess.

My Alter Ego would be a young girl, her name would be Lari because when I was born I was actually given the name Lariena then it was changed. She would sing & dance & play piano, she would speak French fluently, she would be a successful Fashion Stylist running her own business, wear all the great styles, have people swarm to her like bees, she enjoys every aspect of life, doesn't let anything get under her skin and is always at ease, is Creative in all things she does & on her days off like to Create in her Studio & puts out amazing Artwork. She is financially secure & drives a cute little car she helped design herself that is White with Pink Striping and her nickname "Bunny" on the driver side door. She has a sense of belonging, is at ease with where her relationships are with others and is Stable and Secure in herself.

Ideal Vacation Spots
06 - Ideal Vacation Spots

My Ideal Vacation Spots

Greece is some place I have always wanted to go...

Anyone who knows me knows how much I dearly love Paris. I have been once and aspire to go again some day once I have learned French and can speak it well
 I have always had a fondness for Greece. I want it to be Magical when I go there for Magical reasons....

And as I said above, anyone who knows me knows how much I love Paris. You will see and find Eiffel Towers and pictures of French words and Cafe's in MUCH of my artwork. I am learning French and really want to speak it fluently. I have been to Paris in 1988 when I was 18 right after High School and I so desire to go there again someday.

Maybe I need to learn a bit of Greek too if I plan on going to Greece, huh? I didn't think of that literally til JUST now. LOL...hmmm...That might be a challenge, Greek and French?!?!?

So that is what I have for now and will work on my Week 2 Prompts tonight and tomorrow to finish up if I can. :)