Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Summer of Color! Week One (out of 10) What am I Gonna do?

Once upon a time, I fell upon this blog, which made me trip into another blog and then into another and next thing I knew I was  reading about this Amazing course called Summer of Color. It is free and for the next ten weeks starting today we get to explore and be creative with the aid of a fabulous person Kristin, gently pushing us along and opening our minds to creativity. Being a Social Media Strategist I offered my help and create a FB group for her. Here is how the course is explained...

"Each week, (summer of Color) will provide a color prompt. You then will have a week to complete your piece based upon that color. When you are done, simply post about it and link it (on her site)" from the following Monday on. Of course, you can also share your work through Flikr. Each week the color will change and we will get started on another piece. There will also be a giveaway each week for the participants of the challenge. Just leave a comment to be considered for the random drawing. The winner will be announced the following week. 

Whew, so in the end, it goes like this: 
* Come every Monday to find out what color we are working on
* Create art based upon that color
* Come back the following Monday (or within that week) to link your work and enter the giveaway
* Discover what the next week's color will be
The first Challenge for Week One is :What are you going to do? 
Simply post a picture in Flickr or on your blog along with your thoughts about your project. Please also include a link back to Twinkle, Twinkle so that anyone else who wants to join in can find us. 
So, What am I Gonna Do?

Whatever I want! :) Ok, really, I am thinking about a couple of things actually.
Tools for School :)

Mostly, Mod Podge related.... and things I can Collage...

An assortment of ideas...

Some Crayola Twist Pencils I keep in my Harjuku tin and some markers

Raised stickers and a variety of paper pieces, Mod Podge, some Acrylic Spray,brushes, stickers and misc items....

some journal books, Mary Englebreit cut outs from an old desk calendar, my embossing gun, my glue gun...

Thin Canvas boards of two sizes and some Natural and Regular Sketch Cards, some punch outs...

Basically a variety but mostly I will probably stay within the Collaging Theme and some techniques I have learned from Melody Ross through Soul Restoration.I can't wait to have fun in these next few weeks with this class.

Also, I have been encouraging my MALE friends to do this with me as it is NOT gender specific and ALL and ANY artists are welcome.

If you want to link back to your blog, post a comment below and add your Blog link. I will try my best to skip on over to say hi! Be seeing you for the next 10 Weeks! Keep coming back for more!